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A Brief History

Martin Tarble in front of the original scalehouse in Charleston, IL in the mid 1950s. 

The founder of Charleston Stone and Quality Lime, Van Tarble, started his first quarry northwest of Clarksville, Illinois in the mid 1930s. That quarry was worked for 15 years until the operation moved southeast of Marshall and became Quality Lime Company. Quality Lime was moved 3 miles north in the late 1950s when an existing quarry was purchased from the Montgomery family. That quarry was operated until 1974 when the operation was moved back south after more land was purchased. Quality Lime has operated at that location since.

In 1954, Van purchased an existing quarry 3 miles east of Charleston, Illinois from Nate Lang. That quarry was the beginning of Charleston Stone Company. In the early 1960s another quarry just to the east, across the Embarrass River was purchased from Olen Humphres. These quarries have continued to operate as Charleston Stone Co.

Quality Lime Today

Van Tarble and his staff in the County Superintendent of Highways office in 1934.

Since Quality Lime moved back to its original location in 1974, the company has continued to expand operations and upgrade the plant and equipment. The Lichtenberger farm was acquired in 2011 providing 30+ years of limestone reserves. The crushing plant was upgraded in 2014 to replace outdated equipment and upgrade production. Today, Jerry and John Tarble aim to run a business that would make their father proud. They have maintained all their long-term relationships, and treat each new customer with the same care, compassion, and commitment to service. They offer great quality products and enjoy building personal relationships with each individual and corporation.